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The Pontoon Revival is Here - And Here to Stay!

Make waves with the latest pontoon models from Barletta! Enjoy unbeatable comfort and performance from these fully reengineered pontoons. Perfect for a low-key day of cruising or for getting into watersports - explore every inch of your local lake in style.

The Pontoon Revival is Here - And Here to Stay!

The pontoon revival is here and it's here to stay! Pontoons have undergone a major overhaul in engineering and design, making them one of the most sought after boats on the market. With plenty of room for passengers, high-end finishes, reengineered performance and handling and modern tech integrations - pontoons are the perfect boat for anyone looking to upgrade their boating game.

No other boat allows you the same level of comfort, leg room and versatility. Whether you're looking for something more relaxed like cruising or tubing or if you're into watersports - a pontoon can handle it all. Boasting great stability, fuel economy and power – it’s no wonder that these vessels are making a massive comeback!

  • Pontoons offer amazing stability, comfort and performance.
  • They boast excellent fuel economy, making them an affordable option.
  • They provide plenty of room for passengers and gear.
  • They come with high-end finishes and modern tech integrations.
  • With their deep hulls and reengineered design, you can get great handling performance even in choppy conditions.
  • You can enjoy luxury amenities such as comfortable seating, refrigerators, entertainment systems, and more!
Pontoons are Great Dog Boats
Pontoons are an excellent option for bringing your pup along for some fun in the sun! Barletta Pontoons have many clever built in features for your furry friends!
Pontoon boats are great for watersports
Modern pontoons have the power and performance for a fun day of watersports on the Lake!
High End Tech Features
Today's Pontoons boats luxury add-ons and high tech finishes like sleek LED lighting and amazing sound systems. 
From cruising with your favorite libations to a fun day on the water with family - a pontoon is versatile enough to accommodate all your adventures! 

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