How to Use SpeedyDock to Launch your Boat at Seattle Boat SkyLaunch

Tips for using the SpeedyDoc app and having a smooth boat launch at the Seattle and Newport SkyLaunch Marinas with Seattle Boat Company.

speedydock tips

Sunny days are ahead and we are excited to see you at our marinas! Before you head out, we want to share some tips for using SpeedyDock to ensure smooth sailing as we get you and your crew out on the water. 

Check In

Please use the “check in” feature on SpeedyDock as this moves you into the queue to get your boat launched. Without “check in” the operator is not aware that you are on site and ready to go boating. 

To use the check in feature, make sure the SpeedyDock app has access to your location prior to your arrival. 

Instructions on adjusting location settings on your mobile device: 

For iPhone / Apple devices, CLICK HERE

For Android devices, CLICK HERE 

using the app

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Return etiquette

When returning to the marina please organize your covers, gear, and crew before pulling up to dock for retrieval. This limits the time on the dock and expedites the flow. 

SkyView Launch Monitor

Take a look at the New Launch Screen just outside the office on your way to the dock. This screen clearly indicates where you are in the queue and the current average wait time.


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